Work in Progress: Ongoing client Frame Machine requested an entire reimagining of
their multimedia platform. The new responsive site, paired with complete rebranding,
is scheduled to launch early this fall.

Talented interior designer Jessica Ayromloo receives a unique brand refresh with a new bespoke website and identity.

Personal Project: After seeing process videos of mobile edits on Instagram I decided to give it a shot myself. These quickly grew from simple step-by-step walkthroughs to full blown animations complete with sound design.

After over a decade of working for myself I decided to take on a full-time gig for a change. During my time at this mobile gaming startup I had a blast collaborating with the marketing team on a myriad of projects.

Personal Project: The end of 2014 is when I first started editing photos using mobile apps. What started out as beta testing for a good friend quickly turned into a communal creative outlet. One focused on only using the phone to edit and abstract images. MOBILE_EDITS